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What is a verb?

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Hikers climb mountains for many reasons. Some improve their physical fitness. Others learn about the environment. No matter the reason, hikers practice patience and persistence when they scale any mountain range.

Climb, improve, learn, practice, and scale are action verbs because they express something that someone or something can do. However, these are different from linking verbs, which do not express an action.

What is a linking verb?
Linking verb examples

More Examples

Sasquatch looks happiest when he’s tending his garden.

Sasquatch is happy? Yes, that makes sense! He is sensitive to flowers, and looks is a linking verb.

Sasquatch looks out his window every morning to watch the sunrise.

Sasquatch is his window? Nope! This is an action verb.

In addition to tense, verbs have what’s called voice; it is either active or passive. Read more about active and passive voice here

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