Ever since I made a comic about the difference between literal and figurative language, I’ve been thinking about things a little too literally. I also happen to be fascinated by (and fear with my entire being) sharks. These interests combined to bring you the following comic on literal sharks.

(You could also think of this as an unhelpful guide to Florida sharks. As a Floridian, I am most likely to see these sharks, so they were the first to come to mind. Enjoy!)

Literal Sharks

Literal Bull Shark
Literal Lemon Shark
Literal Tiger Shark
Literal Nurse Shark
Literal Hammerhead Shark

Note: This comic is in no way helpful for understanding marine biology or aquatic life. Please do not use it as a study reference. It will only wreck your grades and understanding of reality.

Want to read about actual bull, lemon, tiger, nurse, and hammerhead sharks? Check out the following Wikipedia pages:


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