A preposition is one of the eight parts of speech. Learn how to identify the most commonly used prepositions. 

Prepositions begin phrases that end with a noun or pronoun; this is called the object of preposition.

I will bring chicken soup to my brother’s bar mitzvah.

To shows the relationship between the chicken soup and the object of preposition, my brother’s bar mitzvah.

The comic book store is around the corner.

Around shows the spatial relationship between the comic book store and the object of preposition, the corner.

Bats sleep during the day.

During shows the temporal relationship of when bats sleep by connecting it to the object of preposition, the day.

Commonly Used Prepositions
aboard beneath in regarding
about beside inside since
above besides into through
across between like throughout
after beyond near to
against but* of toward
along by off under
amid concerning on underneath
among despite onto until
around down opposite unto
as during out up
at except outside upon
before excepting over with
behind for past within
below from pending without
*But is rarely a preposition, but when it is, it means except. For example, look at the following sentence: Everyone went bowling but RodrigoBut is a preposition here because it can be substituted with except (Everyone went bowling except Rodrigo).

Together, a preposition and object of preposition are called a prepositional phrase.