Main and Subordinate Clauses Quiz

Directions: Identify the following bolded clauses as either main or subordinate clauses.

Question #1: Francis will go wherever Marcus goes.

Wherever is a subordinating conjunction. When placed in front of the clause Marcus goes, it becomes a subordinate clause.

Question #2: Leticia couldn’t understand why the llama was crying.

Why the llama was crying is a subordinate clause because it starts with the relative adverb why. In this main clause, Leticia is the subject, and couldn't is the verb.

Question #3: Though Sergio practiced daily, he could never master breakdancing.

Though is a subordinating conjunction, so Though Sergio practiced daily is a subordinate clause.

Question #4: The cat that ate my sandwich last week is lurking outside again.

The relative pronoun that acts as the subject of this clause, but it also makes it a relative, and therefore subordinate, clause.

Question #5: Sasquatch is my best friend because I buy him flowers.

The subordinating conjunction because makes the clause I buy him flowers subordinate.